WRS Speech

Welcome to the Speech Program

at Woods Road Elementary School!

We are excited to encompass the many areas of speech and language that will help your children with their communication skills.

PreSchool Speech: At WRS, the preschool speech and language activities conducted during the sessions reinforce the preschool programs theme of the week. The activities are designed to reinforce the concepts and vocabulary that the students are learning in their classroom. The vocabulary learned is integrated into language activities that involve describing, categorizing, answering questions, following directions, and improving overall sentence structure. Social interactions are also encouraged and reinforced during the sessions. Homework, related to the theme, is provided on a weekly basis.

Here are some of our activities:

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PreSchool / Autism Speech: Autism is a spectrum disorder that affects one in 166 people. It involves deficits in the areas of language, socialization, and adaptive behavior. Due to the affect of autism on speech and language development, students at WRS receive intensive and individualized speech programming.

Here are some of our activities:




This is a Voice Output communication system.

Straws and Horns



Students blow therapeutic horns and drink
through special straws to increase speech clearity.

Categories Tent


This Category Tent is one of many materials
used to teach language processing skills.

Activity Board


This is an activity board used to
help students interact.



Non verbal students use this
Picture Exchange System (PECS) to facilitate communication.


Elementary Speech: At Woods Road, the school-age (K-4) Speech and Language Specialist works with students demonstrating difficulty with articulation (difficulty pronouncing sounds correctly), fluency (stuttering), voice (vocal nodules, misuse) and language (receptive and expressive). The Speech Language Specialist is responsible for diagnosing, assessing and remediating speech and language disorders and consulting with educators and parents to enhance their understanding of speech and language function and to facilitate achievement of treatment goals.