Office Policies and Procedures

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Visitors: All visitors must immediately report to the school office. Failure to do so may result in violation of the NJC 2C: 18-3 trespassing law. We have been tested on our adherence to this procedure by the local police department. Please assist us with this important requirement.

Visitor Stickers: Provided after scanning in at the counter, they must be worn while visiting school property. These may be obtained after signing in. Parents may not visit the classroom unannounced for any reason. Our goal is to have as few interruptions to the school day as possible.

Early Dismissal or Pick Up: For a doctor's appointment, please send in a note to the classroom teacher the day of the event so they can assure your child is ready with homework/assignments and is prepared to leave when requested. Children will be called down when parents arrive.

Late/Tardy Arrivals: When arriving to school after the 8:30 a.m. bell, students must be accompanied by a parent to the office for a LATE PASS. We will obtain lunch information at this time.

After School Program: Please remember to advise the after-school program if your child will not be attending for any reason, including class trips, illnesses, etc.

Emergency Information: If your phone numbers (work, home, cell), contacts, and/or emergency procedures change, please notify the office as soon as possible.

Emergency/Early Dismissal: If there is an emergency/early dismissal, it is imperative your child understands and knows your family's emergency plan and where he/she needs to go at dismissal. If weather is a factor, we want to be sure all our children arrive at their destinations safely. Please be sure the information provided on the first day of school is kept current.

Notices - Flyers - Etc.: Any paperwork placed in the teachers' mailboxes, for distribution to the staff or families, must be approved and stamped by the building principal prior to copying or distribution. The office requires 2 days for this approval. All correspondence, even if it is "the same as last year" must have a principal's approval prior to copying. This process is to ensure activities do not interfere or conflict with each other and to assist the office staff in handling phone inquiries. Thank you for your compliance.

Lost and Found: Please check for missing belongings! Our office tub runneth over with fleece jackets, sweatshirts, nylon jackets and stuff. Please remember to label your children's backpack, lunch boxes, and particularly, outer wear, so we can easily return items to their owners. During warm days, children tend to start out with their jackets on and discard them outside during lunch or recess.

Other Notes: Please remember to keep you child's teacher and the main office informed of changes to your child's daily schedule by writing a note. Please include in the note the child's name, teacher, and the reason for the change to schedule or departure/pick up changes. All notes, after being reviewed by the classroom teacher, are sent to the office and are held until the end of the day in question. Dismissal time is very hectic and we need one source for accessing this information. If you child attends the After-School Program, they must also be kept informed of any changes to their schedule, either in writing or by calling them directly. Thank you for this assistance.