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Cinco DiMio Day
at Woods Road School!


NOTE: PLEASE wait several minutes after downloading this movie to prevent stoppage during the viewing. The movie is 17 mins. long and will view choppy if you do NOT wait for the FULL download! Thank You and enjoy the show!
Los Vejigantes de Puerto Rico
4th grade Mask Making Project

K-2 Grade

Learning numbers, weather and colors through games and songs


  • Colors: (sung to "Glory, Glory Hallelueah)

Red is rojo, Red is rojo

Green is verde, Green is verde

Blue ie azul, blue is azul

And Yellow is amarillo.


Brown is café, brown is café

White is blanco, white is blanco

Black is negro, black is negro

And Yellow is Amarillo.


Pink is Rosado, Pink is Rosado

Orange is anarangjao

Purple is violeta

And Yellow is Amarillo


Try this website to learn colors: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/colors/spanish/



  • Numbers: We learn numbers by singing them faster and faster each time.
      1. Uno
      2. Dos
      3. Tres
      4. Cuatro
      5. Cinco
      6. Seis
      7. Siete
      8. Ocho
      9. Nueve
      10. Diez


Try this website to learn numbers: http://www.jvlnet.com/~liliana/Spanish_Numbers.html





3rd Grade


  • Body Parts: (sung to Heads, shoulders, knees and toes)


Cabeza, hombros, rodilla, pie, rodilla

Cabeza, hombros, rodilla, pie, rodilla

Ojos, orejas, la boca lanariz

Cabeza, hombros, rodilla, pie, rodilla


la cabeza (kah-beh-sah) Head

el brazo (brah-soh) Arm

la oreja (or-re-hah) Ear

la mano (mah-noh) Hand

la boca (boh-kah) Mouth

el dedo (deh-doh) Finger

la nariz (nah-rees) Nose

la pierna (pee-ehr-nah) Leg

el ojo (oh-hoh) Eye

el pie (pee-eh) Foot

la rodilla (roh-dil-ah) Knee

el pelo (peh-lo) Hair


  • Clothes: We will have a fashion show in class and the children will describe what a student on the runway is wearing.


Hat = el sombrero

Pants = los pantalones

Shirt = la camisa

Socks = los calcetines

Blouse = la blusa

Sweater = el sueter

Dress = el vestido

Shoes = los zapatos

Jacket = la chaqueta

Pajamas = el pajama

Bathing Suit = el traje de bano

Skirt = la falda



4th Grade

  • Journal writing in Spanish
  • Foods: Role playing in a restaurant

Milk = la leche

Cereal = el cereal

Toast = el pan tostado

Juice = el jugo

Soup = la sopa

Crackers = las galletas

Cheese = el queso

Sandwich = el sandwich

Meat = la carne

Potato = la papa

Fish = el pescado

Carrots = las zanahorias

Chicken = el pollo

Rice = el arroz


  • Cultural Activities: Making vejigante masks from Puerto Rico for carnival.



For more Spanish Learning, click here: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/themes/spanish.shtml


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