Treasurer Form

WRSHA Treasurer Form 2021-2022

Print this PDF form: Treasurer Form 2021-2022
 To be reimbursed for any committee expenditure or to make a deposit you need to complete a Treasurer Form. Send your completed form along with any receipts or paperwork to the Treasurer. You may place your forms in the Treasurers file or send it to school with your child in an envelope addressed to the WRSHA Treasurer. Our by-laws indicate that all funds for deposit must be turned over to the Treasurer no later than ten days following the event.

Instructions for Treasurer Form

  • Complete separate forms for Reimbursement and Deposit Requests; do not mix Reimbursement and Deposits on one form.

  • Payment Requests with multiple receipts can be attached to one form as long as they belong to the same Committee. You can not mix receipts on one form from different Committees even if the payee is the same. - Submit deposit forms within 10 days of your fundraiser and all payment requests are due within the school year.

  • Submit this completed form in the “Treasurer” hanging file folder beneath the teacher mailboxes in the front office.

  • CASH or CHECKS: For security reasons, arrange a in-person drop off with the Treasurer for cash and checks.
Questions? Contact
WRSHA Treasurer: Sonia Patel; [email protected];