Executive Board


Every year, in the Spring, there is a newly elected board of officials who make decisions about how best to fund the various planned school activities. However, these Board members do not work alone, there are 25 Committees that support different initiatives. Some of our most popular initiatives are Family Fall Festival, Young Authors' Day, and the Talent Show because of their high visibility/family participation, but there are many other committees that serve as supporting arms in making all our initiatives successful.

Executive Board Members 

The current WRSHA Executive Board have many more responsibilities than what is publicly apparent. The main responsibility of The Board is to decide how best to fund the various initiatives planned for the upcoming school-year. Do we have enough money for this event? Should we try a new fundraiser? Is this Committee adequately funded? WRSHA plans and funds a large number of activities and programs that benefit the students of Woods Road School. In order to do so, WRSHA needs to raise approximately $30,000 each year.

The Board also oversees the WRSHA Committees and meets every other month with Board representatives from all the other Hillsborough schools to exchange ideas and resolve problems.
Executive Board Contact Information



Email address

Executive Board

  [email protected]


Jamie Dupras

[email protected]

1st Vice President

Ami Capizzano

[email protected]

2nd Vice President

Melanie Chiodo [email protected]

Corresponding Secretary

Elizabeth Bezares

[email protected]

Recording Secretary

Sarah Thornton

[email protected]


Sonia Patel

[email protected]

Media Specialist

Marc Cuevas

[email protected]